The Custom Experience

Custom design made affordable.

This is a unique service we offer where you get to connect with a design consultant one on one to have your dream jewelry designed and made.💍💎 

Step 1 > Get to know the process

This is where you get to discuss your requirements, ideas, and budget with a jewelry consultant, who will walk you through the custom design process.

Step 2 > Start designing

The initial design stage completed by our in-house designers, combining your idea with our expertise to bring your dream design to life. Your choice of 2 views are included (frontal, side, birds eye view).  

Step 3 > Visualize in 3D

A preview of your design in high resolution 3D rendering, with detailed measurements, to ensure it fulfills your vision before the design goes into production.  

Step 4 > Let us bring it to life

This is where we combine the expertise and artistry of our goldsmiths with over 10 years of handcrafting experience, to bring your custom piece to life.

Step 5 > Add to UR jewelry box

Receive your custom jewelry and treasure it forever.

Want to connect with a design consultant? 

Send us a quick message below with a brief description of what you would like to custom design. Our consultant will get back to you soon!

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